“The King and I” Comes to Nashoba This Weekend


Image from Peter Thier

Sammie Catalano, Contributor

The lights are on, the stage is set, and the orchestra is ready. Nashoba Drama’s production of the Broadway classic, “The King and I” will be featured tonight and Saturday at 7:30pm, and Sunday at 2:00pm in the NRHS auditorium. With tech week taking place this past week, the show has been packed full of late-night rehearsals, dinners backstage, and what seems like hundreds of costume changes. Even with the snow-day, the cast remains unfazed with a beautiful and brilliant show on the way.

“The King and I” is set in Siam. Characters include a King, played by Spencer Weijer, his multiple wives, and array of children. All must bow down to the king to show “respect” to him. In comes an English woman, Anna, played by Julia Thier, who is a school teacher that has been brought in by the king’s great expense. Anna teaches the kids and wives about Western culture and the world around them. Through this worldwide view, the King and Anna’s culture seem to clash at first. Although, once they both open their minds to one another, they form an unlikely bond. Another layer of the story is the tragic kidnapping of Princess Tuptim, played by Hayley Giovinazzo, and her love Lun Tha, played by Jonas Weijer. Pulled apart by their class and rank. Tuptim wants to escape the palace of the oppressive king, only to be with Lun Tha. When these stories come together, they produce “something wonderful.” The show is truly something that will leave audiences speechless.

Not only is the talent in this group unmatched at the high school level, but “The King and I” is brimming with culture. It shows the beauty and contrast of two cultures and how there is grace in our differences. Open your mind to a unique theatrical experience that will leave tears in your eyes.

Brace yourself, Nashoba, get ready for a phenomenal show, bursting with energy, melody, and culture.