School Shootings In The United States Sky Rocket

Vicky Tuttle, Chief Sports Editor

As we welcome the beginning of 2018, some schools across the United States are experiencing a heightened sense of fear due to school safety discussions. It is only February and since the start of  the year, the U.S has already experienced 11 school shootings. These events continue to shock the nation and concern not only schools and parents, but also students. Schools should be a place of a safety to send a child to learn in a secure environment; however, some schools have turned into murder scenes such as in California, Ohio, Illinois, New Mexico, Kentucky, Texas, etc.

The fact that some children have access to these powerful life taking weapons is scary. Lately, some government and state officials have been working hard on a plan to regulate gun control, as well as to increase background checks. Parents that have guns in their homes should keep them locked away where children cannot access them.

Statistics show that school shootings are typically caused by boys who are in their teens or in their early 20’s, who experience chronic mental issues, depression, or bullying. These are well based facts , but the concern is how can school districts around the country keep their schools safe from these tragic events.

Each year Nashoba engages in a practice lock down to ensure the process is adhered to and that it works properly. Students at Nashoba await a lock down this school year, as we have in the past. During a typical lock down, teachers are instructed to lock doors and tell students to hide in a corner and stay quiet. Other schools use Alice protocol where one engages in self defense when in danger, by stacking up desks and trying to escape. Schools have also tried to prepare by having a fake school shooter enter the school and students and teachers have to act upon this incident. Luckily, Nashoba has an on duty resource officer who is well trained and has experience with situations like this.

With the continued trend of school shootings, some students at Nashoba hope to come together as a school and a larger community to discuss this crucial topic.