2 minutes until Doomsday


Photo courtesy of: Pixaby.com

Abby Blackmore, Contributor

With many in our world talking about the increased nuclear threat, a previously released “doomsday clock” was updated on January 25th on the Atomic Scientists Bulletin. According to Eugene Rabinowitch, a member of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, stated that the countdown “is intended to reflect basic changes in the level of continuous danger in which mankind lives in the nuclear age.”

So what time did the clock read on January 25th, only a mere two minutes away from midnight; the hypothetical time of the end of the world.  According to Science Magazine, the clock was moved from 2.5 minutes, due to the limited progress many countries around the world are making towards addressing climate change, along with the increased threat of a nuclear disaster.

Wired, a technology magazine, reported that the clock was created in 1947, after the use of nuclear weapons in WWII.  Since then, the time has swayed back and forth throughout the years.  In 1991, the clock was reported to be at 17 minutes from midnight, due to the end of the Cold War.  In 1953, it was reported to be 2 minutes to midnight, after the US created a hydrogen bomb.  That was the closest it had ever been to midnight – until now.

People have often criticized the Bulletin, but the aim is not for the clock to be a predictor.  Science Magazine has said it represents the threats that are happening today that may affect the near future.  The committee takes into account bioterrorism, climate change, biosecurity, along with nuclear threats.  Many hope that the announcement will help people and politicians from their respected counties to take notice and start looking for a change.