Nashoba Boys Varsity Hockey: In Need of a Turn-Around


Wednesday night, the Nashoba boys varsity hockey team traveled to the North Star Rink in Westborough to play Wachusett. It was a tough game for the boys as they continue their losing streak into key games before playoff season. Wachusett took home the win with a score of 6-0. Nashoba needs to turn things around if they want a chance of making it into the playoffs this year.

The first period ended with a score of 2-0. The first goal was scored at 3 minutes and 30 seconds by #3 and assisted by #11. The second goal of the night was scored by #9 at 9 minutes and 48 seconds. Nashoba had 4 shots on net in the first period, while Wachusett had 10.

The first goal of the second period was scored by #7 at 6 minutes and 35 seconds without an assist, followed by another from #18 a minute later. At the end of the second Nashoba had 2 shots on net and Wachusett had 20. The second period ended with a score of 4-0.

The third period was almost scoreless, until 11 minutes and 30 seconds into the period when #11 put another puck in the net, followed by #7’s second goal of the night, 2 minutes later. Nashoba ended the 3rd with 7 shots on net while Wachusett ended with 37.

Offensive player number 19, Ryan Leblanc, had a good game, playing strong and having multiple shots on net. Another player who had a good game was Defense number 8, Robbie Carter. Carter played a tough game and gave it his all on the ice.

The next game is on Monday at 5:00pm, at home at the New England Sports Center. They will be playing Auburn, one of the two key teams that they need to beat in order to have a chance of seeing a glimpse of playoff season. Come out and support the boys for this important game.