Senior Spotlight: Will Andronico


You may see him hitting a puck around on an ice rink, making a speech at a class assembly or making videos in the hallway. Will Andronico is the Vice President for the class of 2018, the captain of the Golf and the varsity hockey teams, and is an active participant in the Nashoba News. Andronico is looked up to by many members of the student body and beyond.

As a Freshman, Andronico looked up to Will Adams, a now alum, who was a senior at the time and graduated in 2015. Andronico stated that Adams was a “logical, good person” and that is what Andronico aspires to be. Many students talk very highly about Andronico in different classes, and in the halls. One member of the senior class stated at the beginning of a sociology class, “How can you not like Will [Andronico], he is such a great person, can’t do something wrong.”  The teacher then contributed, “I don’t know Will personally, but I’ve heard a lot of very good things.”

Being a part of the Nashoba community is something that Andronico does well through his involvement in athletics and student government. He is the current Vice President for the class of 2018 and he does a lot for the grade. He goes above and beyond what is expected of his role of V.P., a position he has had throughout all four years of his high school career.

Recently, Andronico became more involved than he already was and took part in the Class plays for the first time. This was his first time being onstage: “I [felt] nervous, but also partially excited.”  He did exceptionally well working through rehearsals, and his performance was awesome!

Andronico has been playing hockey for 13 years, and this year he is one of the four Captains for the Varsity Ice Hockey team. He is a defender and wears a number 9 on his jersey. As a hockey player he looks up to The Boston Bruins defender number 33, Zdeno Chara. Andronico is a strong defense-man. He is a positive influence on his team and many of his fellow teammates look up to him.

Golf has also been a part of Andronico’s athletic career. He has been playing for 8 years and is one of the captains of the golf team. He looks up to a lefty professional golfer, Phil Mickelson. Andronico says, though he is not a lefty golfer, he looks up to Mickelson because he is different and he is one of the very few professional lefty golfers. Will plans on continuing golfing, not competitively, but as a hobby. 

Andronico has some words of advice to give the underclassman: “Start trying now, people have told me that they didn’t start trying until now and they can’t get into X,Y,Z college, or they can’t get into any college. So… I would say start trying now; don’t wait until it is too late. And, as another piece of advice, if you have an issue, talk to people about it, don’t let it build up. You don’t want to keep that inside of you and feel trapped.”