Senior Spotlight: Hannah Gould


You may see her running through the halls as she gets an EMT call or directing an ITS meeting on Wednesdays after school in the auditorium. Hannah Gould, a senior at Nashoba, is an extremely involved student and an inspiration to many. She is the President of the Nashoba Drama society, an officer for Best Buddies, and a certified EMT. She’s a happy and energetic person who can put a smile on almost anyone’s face just by being in the same room.

As an underclassmen, Gould looked up alum, actress and singer, Marianna Sardella, graduate of the class of 2016, who was also a drama officer. Sardella inspired Gould to set out to accomplish a goal of changing the Nashoba Drama Society, a club that she along with many others have watched deteriorate over the years.

Gould has been acting, singing and dancing for almost her entire life and loves participating in theater. She has been the lead dancer in the multiple musicals that she has been in. Most notably, she has been effectively making changes to the Nashoba Drama society and is inspiring people to join and learn. She has set up many amazing workshops, including one where she instructed dance.

Gould states, “My main impact was in the drama society. I got to redo how its been done in the past couple years, and I have actually succeeded with that”.

On top of drama, she has been involved with Best Buddies since her junior year and she is now the Ambassador for the club. “I try and connect Best Buddies with any of our other clubs, I do that mainly through Drama Society”.

Being a part Best Buddies and Drama Society  has heavily impacted Gould’s experience at Nashoba. “It allows me to do so many cool things I didn’t even know was remotely possible. I do EMT, I do Drama, and I do Best Buddies and thankfully for me they all get to work together at some point or another”.

Gould joined the EMT program last year and became certified this past August.  She thoroughly enjoys being an EMT and is excited to be able to get a head start in the medical field. She dreams of being a nurse and has happily been accepted into the nursing program at her top school, University of Vermont.

Gould had some advice to give to the underclassmen at Nashoba: “High School is difficult but you can surround yourself with many different activities and try to get yourself in the best positive light and surround yourself with positive people and do something that makes you happy”.