The Class Plays 2018


Sarah Newton, Editor

It’s class play season once again, and each grade is hard at work preparing for the upcoming show. The class plays are a yearly tradition at Nashoba, where each grade puts on a student-run play in front of an audience and judges. After each grade performs, awards are given out and a winner is announced. The class plays are put together by the drama society, who do the behind the scenes work, as well as participating with their respective grades. The class plays are taking place on February 9th at 7 pm in the high school auditorium. Tickets will be $5.00 and can be bought at the door.

The freshman class play is being directed by sophomore, Lauren Thier and freshman Leo Lukaszevicz. Their show is titled  Bad Auditions with Bad Actors. The play is about a casting director who has one day to find lead actors to play in Romeo and Juliet. The task proves more difficult than the director expected, with many interesting people showing up to audition for the parts.

The sophomore class play is being directed by sophomore Trinity Cortes. They are putting on The Final Rose,  a TV show heading towards its season finale. The bachelor has to narrow his love interest from 3 down to 2 contestants. He has a big decision to make and more information keeps getting revealed about his potential true loves.

The junior class play is co-directed by Emily Solomon and Sammie Catalano. They chose the play Happily Ever After, a play about a man named Gregory Wolf goes to Grimm Brothers’ office and asks them for one thing: a happy ending. Wolf thinks he is meant for a happy ending but characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little pigs think otherwise. Jacob Grimm has the power in his hands to give Wolf a story that’s just right.

The senior class play is being directed by Quinn O’Hagan. They are doing the play The End of Civilization as We Know It, which is about a class of students stressed for their history test, but when their teacher shows up they receive a test they weren’t prepared for. Their teacher ends up questioning them about what to do about her cheating husband, and puts their ability to pass her class on the line.

To see how all of these intriguing stories end, come out to the class plays where each grade will put on the best performance that they can. The classes have spent weeks preparing and are working hard to put on the best shows that they can. Come out and support the hard working actors and directors and see which class comes out on top.