Gotta minute?

Brittany Cormier, Editor

So, what’s with this study in the auditorium foyer thing? Moving everyone from the cafeteria to the foyer for study and using a “real” roll call will not change anything, if people want to roam, they’ll roam. If you want kids to do something, you have to make them want it. You know, quid pro quo? In a way that’s wrong too, using bribery, but honor and respect for elders isn’t really a thing anymore, especially not around here. If you really want to know where we all are every second of the day, why don’t we just slap house arrest anklets on everyone? Or microchips? Teenagers are just like animals anyway right? It’s probably the hormones.


From what I’ve heard it did actually work a little and everything was quieter. Less people wandering and all that. That’s nice I guess. You’d think with all of the seniors gone it wouldn’t be necessary and everyone could be civil young adults but I guess not.


It’s kind of unfair to the people who do what they’re supposed to do though. I don’t know how many people actually do, but I doubt it’s being handled in a way that doesn’t punish a whole group of people for the actions of a few, because that tends to happen a lot around here. The auditorium is really far away. I’m not running to my next class and getting all sweaty but I certainly can’t be late either, people will look at me.


Of course this all circles around back to accreditation. I’ve heard that everyone was moved from the cafe because the NEASC people wouldn’t like a bunch of yelling, unproductive teenagers crammed into the cafeteria. Everything seems to go back to NEASC right now. Remember that. According to Mr.Kempskie, the NEASC review will be finished just in time for graduation, so it’s actually relevant to this year’s juniors. Oh joy. Another thing to worry about. Did the school I just attended for years get accredited so I can go to a decent college or did I just waste four years of my life?


I wish I could see genuine improvements to the school. I wish everyone else cared a little more. I wish I was given an opportunity to help, because apparently they need it. But no, I’m just a kid, what could I possibly do? It’s not like I’m here just as long as everyone over the age of twenty one is or something like that. Yeah, I know I get some kind a survey for  every once in a while asking about my “feelings”, but there is never any follow-up.


The problem I think is money. There seemingly isn’t any. Here at this rich white school, with it’s rich white kids, and their rich white parents. Nope, none. School improvements cost a lot of money, and either we’re pretending to not have any or we seriously just don’t. Which sucks. I can’t describe it any other way, it just sucks. And the funny thing is, this school is so well off compared to other schools, I don’t see why we complain so vehemently about it. The ceiling is staying where it is, for the most part, a portion of the teachers care (or at least show up- it’s half the battle so many students can’t seem to win) , and there is just barely enough space for everyone.


I think most of us don’t know how lucky we are. Clothes on our backs and the world in relative peace. Why don’t we get that? Why can’t we put down the phone and breathe in the air while it’s still smog free? Why do we care so much about other people’s lives instead of our own. Because really, if your biggest concern is that someone wore their hair in a sock bun for three days in a row, your life must be sorted out really well.
Do you care? No seriously, comment down below I’m curious. You won’t.