Fire in Lynn, Massachusetts


On Monday night, a fire broke out in Lynn in a multi-family apartment complex on Broad Street. The fire broke out right around rush hour and burned intensely for hours. The fire left 28 people homeless, and one woman was injured.

The fire was said to have broken out due to an unattended flame in a kitchen in the top floor. The women was on the top floor of the building, trapped in her bedroom, when she was rescued and taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. It quickly spread, and was met with 15-25 mile per hour winds, that put neighboring houses in danger of toxic smoke. The house was older, and the burning roof worried neighboring homes for fear of toxic chemicals being inhaled with the smoke.

For hours dozens of firefighters, at one point 100, were on the scene, trying to fight the flame. At 7:00 pm, parts of the building were collapsed and others falling into the structure. Even after the fire had been put out, firemen were on duty regulating the building for hot spots and more flare ups.

The Mayor of Lynn, Thomas M. McGee, said that the town will be working with the American Red Cross Association to help find homes for the dozens who lost theirs.

The home is still being investigated for more causes and will likely be torn down within the next couple of weeks.


Image Courtesy of Lynn Fire Department Twitter.