Swag, Swagger, Hannah Feakes


Kiia Rouhelo, Contributor

“Swag: n.) a suspended wreath, garland, drapery, or the like, fastened up at or near each end and hanging down in the middle; festoon.” Dictionary.com seems to have mistaken because the real definition of swag is Hannah Feakes. Let’s dig deeper under those three layers of tan skin and find out what this girl is all about.

First of all, the name Hannah is a palindrome and can be spelled backwards. But, there has to be something else about her that makes writing an entire article worth it.

“Unique, funny, cool, fun spirit,” are words that Nashoba students use to describe Hannah. The adjective nice is definitely accurate. Hannah sacrificed herself to buy coffee for her friends and took a risk of being late for school. Word also has it that Hannah has generously lent her pencil to a friend who was in a need for one.

Sage Feltus has known Hannah since she was a freshman and says, “Hannah is so much fun to be around, she always makes me laugh and she just has the best attitude.” Hannah is also a pretty special case as Sage reveals that “she dresses up as a moose on the weekends.”

In fact, this is true. During the weekends, Hannah  makes the world better by dressing up as a moose at Jam Time, an indoor play area for children.

Hannah is also a ferocious javelin and discus thrower on Nashoba’s track and field team and she ran her inspirational first ever 4×1 relay about a week ago. In the future, one might spot Hannah’s works in a book store, because she dreams of becoming an author. And, Hannah will be one of the new contributing editors of the Chieftain Press next year.

With further investigation, there seems to be ingredients for a real scandal. Hannah Feakes got two detentions for an unknown crime so, stay tuned. Miss. Feakes is also huge sponsor of Nashoba Regional High School, as she has generously paid for two parking tickets so far.

You can follow the exciting and inspiring life of Hannah Feakes on instagram under account @hannie47 and @h_feakes47 on twitter. Don’t hesitate to hit her up!