“A Christmas Story” Comes to Life on Fox

Emily Solomon, Contributor

TVs new trend of live musicals continues December 17 with A Christmas Story: Live on Fox. A Christmas Story The Musical was written by Joseph Robinette with music and lyrics by Tony and Oscar winning writers,Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. It stars Maya Rudolph and Matthew Broderick. Broderick describes the musical as  “so sweet and funny but not sickeningly sweet.” Rudolph describes the show as “a nice respite. I’ll take any good cheer I can get these days. It’s sweet to think about childhood dreams and family.”

The musical played at the Lunt Fonte theater for a brief period of time in 2012. It went largely unnoticed back then, but was well received by audiences. Charles Isherwood of The New York Times wrote, “the stage version lightens up a little on the cute, smart-alecky asides … making room for the music and allowing the story mostly to speak for itself…. Mr. Pasek and Mr. Paul have provided a likable, perky score that duly translates all of the major episodes in the story into appropriate musical numbers.” Fox has had success in the live musical industry prior to this, with it’s first live musical Grease: Live, which aired last year, receiving great reviews. If A Christmas Story: Live is as successful, things are looking good for Fox in the live musical industry.

With the new popularity of music writers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, it makes sense that Fox would choose to do the musical now. While they were mostly unknown when A Christmas Story The Musical first made its appearance, their recent credits, such as best musical Tony award winner, Dear Evan Hansen and best original song Oscar winner, La La Land, they have gained a great deal of media attention. With their newfound popularity, and the popularity of the movie A Christmas Story, as well as the release dates so close to Christmas, it seems as though Fox has been methodical in choosing a time to bring this show into the public eye. Pasek and Paul have also written some additional songs for this new version.

The musical will air Sunday, December 17th at 7pm. It is the only live musical planned for this holiday season so, get your popcorn and hot chocolate ready and celebrate with a Christmas classic portrayed in a whole new light.