Couple Gets Engaged, Then Become Heroes on the Way Home


Last month on December 3rd, Lucas Mayne proposed to his girlfriend, Summer Holst, on the Polar Express just hours before they would become heroes at the scene of a local fire. Summer said “yes” to Lucas’s proposal and on their drive home, Holst noticed a fire blazing through a liquor store.

Mayne knew immediately that he had to take action. According to the Bellingham Harold, “Mayne is a volunteer firefighter but works part time for South Pierce Fire and Rescue.”

The opportunity to save the store was pure coincidence as the Bellingham Harold reported, “normally, Mayne would have taken Washington Avenue. Instead, he took a two-block detour to show Holst Christmas lights he and other firefighters had installed at the Eatonville fire station.”

Mayne commented, “We looked at each other and she said, ‘You need to go, don’t you?’’ and Mayne said, ‘Yeah, I can’t not.'”

Good News reported that Mayne went to a nearby fire station and got a fire truck, arriving just in time to help a policeman put out the fire and “the other firemen arrived shortly afterward and put out the blaze together. Thanks to Mayne, they were able to extinguish the fire fast enough so that it didn’t overtake the whole building.”

The Bellingham Harold reported that Mayne said the fire was caused by “a lack of staffing had left the station unmanned, a situation that occurs from time to time.” Without the help of Mayne and his new fiancée, the building could have been completely destroyed.

The courageous acts of Lucas and Summer stopped a fire from spreading and saved the store. Without them, the fire could have spread and possibly reached neighboring buildings. A quote from Good News sums up the whole ordeal: “an engagement and a fight with a fire — all in a night’s work!”