Bizarre Sea Creatures Wash up on Oregon beach

Isabella DeMartino, Contributor

On November 29, 2017 thousands of clear tubular sea creatures, also known as pyrosomes, washed up on a beach in Oregon. These creatures not only confused the tourists and residents of the area, but also Marine Biologists. The creature that’s washing up on these shores is known as a Pyrosome,  also known as “fire body.”  Pyrosomes are normally extremely rare and are not normally found in the North. According to National Geographic, “They’re typically found in tropical waters off Florida, Australia or in the Mediterranean.” That is why the sudden appearance of these bioluminescent creatures is so strange. There has also been sightings of large masses of these Pyrosomes swarming the Eastern Pacific and washing up on the beaches in unrecorded numbers. Scientists are still unsure about what these creatures eat or more importantly, what creatures eat them. This causes some concern about these translucent organisms.

A resident and fishery biologist in Oregon, Leon Shaul, was out fishing when he kept catching hundreds of these Pyrosomes on his line. “When fishermen were trolling for chinook in midwater, they were dragging these lines with 50 hooks and they were coming up with these things on basically every hook,” Leon exclaimed to interviewers from National Geographic. In confusion he took a bucket and filled it with these tubular organisms and threw them overboard. This is when he discovered the bucket began to glow. This struck confusion with not only the fishermen but the scientists.

Marine Biologists are baffled by this unusual occurrence and may be able to find a connection between this event and Global Warming phenomenon. Pyrosomes are not the only warm water loving creatures that have ventured to the North; tropical sea snakes, sea lions, anchovies, and seals have also made a strange appearance. Not only have these creatures made an appearance but also the longest and most toxic algae bloom took place recently. Biologists are not sure if all of these strange events are  connected to the issue of Global Warming but, if they are, what would this mean to residents in Oregon? Nothing yet is confirmed but, speculations are being made regarding this bizarre event.