It’s So Easy, A Caveman Can Do It!

Do like the cavemen do, and don’t eat carbs! (Or beans, or processed food, or artificial flavoring, or dairy, or junk food, or hydrogenated oils). This may seem like an impossible diet, but actually, it’s not as difficult as one would think. It’s called paleo; an all natural diet. explains how to eat real, unprocessed food, rich in nutrients and healthy fats; and reaching more stable energy levels.  You experience weight loss, reduced bloating,  and the best part is, these are just some of the benefits! Starting this diet can change your life in many ways; it enhances your health and your image.

Jack Perkins, a junior at Nashoba, has been on the diet for a couple of weeks now. He wants to join the marines, so he has to drop weight for boot camp.“I’ve lost a couple pounds so far, and I’ve noticed I’m not as hungry as usual.” When asked if it was difficult to transition into a whole new diet, he replied, “The first couple of days were hard. I couldn’t control what I ate.” Perkins says his favorite Paleo snack is salad and lots of water. “It fills you up and it’s low in calories.” It’s worth giving it a try!