The Dalí Universe Comes to New England


Public domain pics

On November 18 the Morrison Art Gallery opened their new exhibit featuring a collection of paintings and sculptures from the famed surrealist Salvador Dalí. Born Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí y Domenech, was born in, lived, and worked in Spain.

In 1929, after working with impressionism, futurism, and cubism, Dalí began his development of the surrealist style, which is showcased in this new exhibition as well as his recurring theme of the human form. Over 19 different pieces from the artist will be on display.

Not only will the gallery present paintings, but bronze sculptures and illustrations of literary themes will be a part of the exhibition as well. Of the sculptures, many of them are from the Dalí Universe collection which is the largest collection of Dalí’s 3D works and have been seen by more than 12 million people in the last 30 years in over 100 museums.

The pieces presented in the exhibit were selected by Ellie Place, Bertrand Epaud (the project manager of the Dalí Universe) and William Morrison and will be on view in the Morrison Gallery until February 11, 2018. It is located in Kent, Connecticut, about a two hour drive from Worcester and offers exhibits of local, as well as more well known artists. The gallery itself  has a seven thousand square foot main room with the capacity to display larger sculptures as well as small rooms for guests to be able to view more closely some of the smaller works.