Nashoba’s Fall Celebration: Reflection


Sarah Newton, Editor

On Tuesday, November 21st, Nashoba had its first Fall Celebration and Pep Rally. The event was put together by Mr. Cote and Ms. Rich, and both worked hard for over a month to get everything together; the permits, food, the supplies, volunteers, and so much more of the things that needed to be taken care of behind the scenes.

They had a large variety of fun yard games such as Kan Jam, Spikeball, and Bean Bag Toss. They also had a food truck there which served grilled cheese and fries. Slater’s also showed up and served pizza, and the Booster club served hot dogs and hamburgers. Nashoba’s 8th grade football team was also there selling hot chocolate in order to raise money for their trip to Florida. Many students, alumni, faculty, and parents were chatting and playing games while awaiting the main event.

The turnout for the event was amazing with over 1,000 tickets sold, and each grade was well represented. For the pep rally, the attendees were organized by grade and lined up in front of the stage. The choir sang the National Anthem, the band played the Nashoba fight song, and a few speeches were given.  The pep rally resembled rallies in past years, with a recognition of fall sports players and the annual Tug of War. The pep rally ended with the cheerleaders doing the year cheer and then the event transitioned to the bonfire.

The bonfire aspect of the night was a success, with the fire piled 58 pallets high. There was music playing for the remainder of the night, all with lyrics relating to fire. On this chilly night, the heat from the fire was a perfect counter to the cold. There were many photos taken in front of the fire that flooded many peoples’ Instagram feeds the following day.

Overall, the night was a success and had a great turn out. Many people have expressed their excitement for this to come around again next year.