Hole In The Wall: Clinton Bar & Grill


Sarah Newton, Editor

The Clinton Bar & Grill, who opened in September of 2014, is a great place to go to enjoy a delicious meal. This trendy restaurant is located at 27 High Street in Clinton, near the previously mentioned CoffeeLands. They are open Saturday through Thursday 11:30 AM- 10:00 PM and Friday until 11:00 PM. 

The building’s design is very modern and inviting, with a friendly staff and comfortable seating. The restaurant can’t be missed while driving down High Street with their wooden exterior and eye catching awnings. They have booth, table and bar seating, and during the warmer seasons outdoor seating is offered as well. The inside is very bright, lit by beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and a balcony often used for small functions.

They have a full menu with items for everyone, including  delicious bread with oil to start your meal, something that many customers rave about. They offer soups, salads, seafood, pizza, pasta, steak and an array of delightful appetizers. Some of their appetizers include Lobster Mac & Cheese, Buffalo Pulled Chicken Dip, Butternut Squash Filled Raviolis and many more. The food is not on the cheap side, but the food is well worth the price.

Nashoba even has a few students working there, so go and visit a friend or enjoy a delicious meal!