Northern California School Shooting


On Tuesday, November 14th, in Rancho Tehama, a gunman attempted to gain entry into an elementary school. Northern California faced a horrific tragedy yesterday morning when a killer tried to gain access into the school to shoot students.

The staff at Rancho Tehama Elementary School heard the gunshots that were firing outside of the building and acted quickly to prevent another tragic national shooting from occurring. Doors were locked throughout the building and students were rushed into lock down mode at the sound of the gunfire.

The gunman, not yet identified, stole a pickup truck which he drove through the schoolyard gate, and shot his gun at windows and doors. One student was injured by the firings, and several were hurt by the glass that shattered from the windows.

Police were informed of the shots and were able to find the gunman who had escaped the school after a short time. While driving from the school, the killer was reported of shooting his gun out of the window of his car at innocent pedestrians and random houses. The killer was shot down by police off site.

Although none of the children are in the death count, this school shooting has sparked concern. Students want to know that they are safe in their school by practicing lock downs, knowing exit strategies, and how to handle traumatic situations such as school shooters.