Gabby DeMeo in the Spotlight


Sage Feltus, Contributor


Gabby DeMeo is a junior here at Nashoba and most people know her for being charismatic and active throughout the school community, but not everyone knows Gabby has a special talent. “I started dancing two years ago after watching Dancing with the Stars”, Gabby explain in an interview, “I liked the idea of ballroom because no one I knew danced like that”. Gabby isn’t just dancing for fun, shes dancing ballroom style to win.

Gabby has quite the competitive side and she takes her ballroom dance competitions very seriously. “Competitions are a big deal. Each competition is held by a private corporation, so depending on what my partner and I sign up for, we could have a comp every weekend or once a month”. When awaiting a competition Gabby and her partner Danny practice three days a week.

Gabby explains what the average competition is like; “The day of, I begin to prepare about three hours before my partner Danny and I perform. Hair and makeup take a long time, a little practice, and then the costume”. Gabby tends to be satisfied with the outcome of competitions, she states,“Danny and I perform 20 dances. There are five latin dances and five standard dances. Danny and I do all of these twice because we compete in two levels. We usually win”.

There are so many things that need to be taken care of in order for Gabby to be ready to compete. She can’t do it all on her own and she says her mom is her backbone, “Even if no one else can, she makes sure she can come”, she continues, “She brings me to every lesson and takes me to get spray tanned. My mom gives a lot of her time and money for me to dance”.

Gabby hopes to continue her dancing career in college. Academically Gabby has been very successful and if she continues this any college or university will be lucky to have her.  “Both Sacred Heart University and Elon University have promised me spots on their dances teams and scholarships for dance should I choose to apply”, Gabby stays humble despite her impressive achievements.

Here at Nashoba, Gabby may just be another face in the crowd but once the spotlight shines on her, her special talent is highlighted and she dances to win.