Cat Returned to Owner After 12 Years!


Katie Soto, Contributor

In Redbridge, London, Sue Hopkins, a mother-of-three, brought home  a little tortoiseshell cat named Hermione in 2004. Unfortunately, after she got the cat, it ran way. Sue was devastated at the lost at first, but decided to find her pet and never gave up hope. Sue apparently had a microchip in her cat so that she could call the company to locate her pet for the next few years. According to GoodNews, Sue would always contact the company for any updates about her missing cat. Sue commented, “My daughter would always ask me why I kept calling to get updated details,” she said. “But it only takes 30 seconds to pick up the phone and update the details so just because of that one in a million chance I thought I would keep doing it.”

One day while the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) were looking, they found at cat in  Billericay, Essex that died around a month earlier. As it turned out, it wasn’t Sue’s cat. A few days later, Hermione was found and made sure the microchip traced back to Sue’s address. RSPCA cat welfare expert, Dr Samantha Gaines said, “This is an incredible story which shows Sue’s dedication and commitment to never give up on seeing her again.”

Dr Samantha Gaines also mentioned in GoodNews that while it is the law to have only dogs micro-chipped, the RSPCA recommends that other pets such as cats can have a microchip as well.