Nashoba Pep Rally & Fall Celebration


Sarah Newton, Editor

There is a new addition coming to Nashoba this year called the “Nashoba Pep Rally & Fall Celebration”.  This  event will take place on Tuesday, November 21st from 6pm-9pm, with a bonfire beginning at  7:30 pm at the Bolton Fairgrounds in Lancaster. Unlike past years, this year includes and invites the entire  Nashoba community. There will be a $5 general admission fee and tickets are available now in the AD Office at the school or at the Gate 1 entrance. All Nashoba District students K-12 will get into the event for free. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of parking.

All members of the Nashoba community are invited, including family and friends. This is a time to bring the community together, and it will be a fun night for people of all ages. It is encouraged that students and alumn attend along with their families, so invite as many people as you can!

From 6- 7pm, there will be food trucks and the Booster club will be selling hot dogs, hamburgers, and more. There will also be lawn games such as Kan Jam, Bean Bag Toss, Spike It and much more. Joel Bates, the Principle of Florence Sawyer Middle School, will be the emcee and DJ at the event. At around 7pm, the Pep Rally portion of the night will commence, emulating ones that we have had in years past. The principal will make his opening remarks and acknowledge the class of 2018, the EMTs and Ms. Rich will acknowledge the fall sports teams. The band, chorus, and cheer will perform, and at 7:30 pm the bonfire will be lit. The fire will go until 9 pm and food trucks and yard games will still be available at that time.

Mr. Cote and Ms. Rich have spent the last month working to bring this event to the school and the community and are excited to try something new. They are relying on the Senior class to celebrate this new tradition and  to set the tone for the rest of the school.

This will be a fun-filled night for everyone in attendance, and the event will be a fantastic show of how supportive we can be for each other. It is important to see that this is bigger than Nashoba; this is about uniting the community as a whole. Many have volunteered a lot of their time and money in order to put this event together, such as donating  wood for the fire and lights to illuminate the event.

In addition, there will also be a food drive leading up to the Pep Rally during the spirit week, which will be in competition with Clinton High School to see which school can bring in the most food. This food drive will bolster the healthy rivalry between the schools and to will get the competition ready for the big Thanksgiving football game.

This event is expected to be a lot of fun, so be sure to come out for a great time.

Purchase your tickets now at the AD Office or at the Gate 1 entrance.