Don’t be Late for a Very Important Date!

The Countdown to the Ball Begins!


Jacqueline Kalinowski, Correspondent

For many Juniors, they are prepping for the night of their high school career, prom night. Well, Best Buddies is on the same track! It’s not commonly known how much planning  is done by the Best Buddies Organization in order to  get ready for the party of the year . To be honest, it’s not just the Buddies who are getting pumped for this event.

One of the amazing qualities Nashoba is blessed to have is how integrated and how close the Best Buddies program is with the rest of the student body. They are two unique communities that are laced together by compassion, care and friendship. So, one can imagine how excited the rest of the student body is about this year’s ball.

This year, the theme for the ball is Candy Land. This, my friends, will probably be the most involved theme seen in years.

“It’s the best board game of all time… and there’s candy”, Best Buddies Officer Alex Tepper explained when asked about the decision process of the theme. “There’s going to be candy everywhere… I think everyone will like it because, who doesn’t like candy?”Jen Cote, another Officer, added, “Initially, we wanted to name it the Everything Under the Kitchen Sink Prom, since Ben likes to recycle the decorations from past events”.

People last year gave constructive input after attending the prom, so due to popular demand the ticket prices have been lowered for this year, while keeping the integrity and the lavish decorations.

All three Officers interviewed emphasized the importance their fundraising has had on planning and budgeting for the ball this year. From Spread the Word t-shirt sales, the volleyball tournament and sponsors, they are able to put more into the theme this year, however they are still looking for more sponsors.

Currently, they have only sold about 50 tickets, even with the discounted price to $20. Now, the tickets are at the regular price of $25. “We see a lot of ticket purchases after the sale, because people decide they want to go at that point”. said Jen Cote.

When asked if the officers are excited for the upcoming event, all three unanimously agreed. Nick Tepper, the third Officer interviewed, made the point that his brother Alex was prom king last year, and he is more excited about this prom than their Junior prom. Jen also commented that the prom can be either formal or semi-formal. Girls can either recycle their prom dress previous years, or they can buy a twenty dollar dress and it would be completely okay.

It is encouraged that anyone who attends from Best Buddies invite friends and family to add to the fun. They have other chapters attending as well, such as from: Acton-Boxborough and Maynard. This event is mainly for the kids. The ball is May 2nd, from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM and tickets are now priced at $25. Ticket sales end on Tuesday, April 15th.  Please see any Best Buddies Officers or Advisers for questions and ticket sales.

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