Samm MacLean, Correspondent

Get ready, Nashoba! The junior prom is coming up in less than two months, and we all know what that means: spray- tans, fake nails, and drama, oh my!

Ever since we were little, girls have been dreaming about  prom. Prom season (the dress shopping, the shoe shopping, the everything shopping) usually launches in about late February, but if you’re a Nashoba girl, then you’re prom shopping before we leave for winter vacation to ensure that nobody steals your overpriced dress .

I’m not sure about this year’s juniors, but I know last year there was plenty of “OMG, you have the same dress as me, somebody needs to switch and it isn’t going to be me.” Why? If I like a dress and you like the same dress, why can’t we both wear it? I’m sure we wouldn’t sport it the same way. You do you, I do me. That’s how the real world works. And let’s not forget about limos. Someone is always excluded and someone has hurt feelings because they couldn’t be in a certain limo.

And the money! Oh my god, the money! I reused my bridesmaid dress from my cousin’s wedding and I STILL ended up dropping $80 on a ticket, $80 on the limo, $40 on shoes, and $35 on accessories, that’s a grand total of $235, if I got my $350 dream dress (I’m sure most girls spend WAY more than that…Come on, we DO go to Nashoba), I would have spent  $585 on a stupid dance.

I know it’s probably too late now, girls, but if you haven’t already wasted money on this pricey disappointment- I’m sorry, prom- put your money towards a better cause…perhaps a date with Ben and Jerry and Disney’s Frozen?

(Picture courtesy of sheknows.com)