Chloe Dewhurst: Raising The Bar For Track and Field Athletes


Erin McNemar, Contributing Editor

After being a competitive gymnast for 9 years, junior Chloe Dewhurst decided it was time to hang up her leotard and exchange it for a green track jersey. Dewhurst moved to the Nashoba District from Salem, New Hampshire just before her Freshmen year in 2014. However, it wasn’t until her sophomore year that Dewhurst determined she wanted to give track and field a try.

“I started track because I thought it looked like a lot of fun, and would be a new challenge for me after gymnastics.” Dewhurst explained.

Less than a year after making her decision to join Nashoba’s track team Dewhurst is a competitive athlete in her signature event, the high jump. Her personal record in the event is 5’0, which places her both second in MidWach league and for

Dewhurst clearing 5’0 at Shrewsbury High School


Girl’s head track coach, Ben Langelo, had this to say about Dewhurst’s work ethic,

“She’s always at practice, and she’s always trying really hard to improve. She’s one of those very coachable kids that you tell her something she needs to work on, and she immediately goes about fixing it.”

Over the course of her indoor season Dewhurst has been constantly winning points for Nashoba, and spreading her positive attitude to the other girls.

“Chloe really adds to the team. She really brings a positive energy, and really just helps everyone work harder.” Expressed senior captain Kara Mannion.

Before every meet, Dewhurst reads an inspirational quote or two to help inspire her, and the other jumpers to try their best. Just about every member on the team admirers the positivity she brings to not only every meet, but every practice as well.

Fellow teammate, and close friend Lea Markham elaborated on what it’s like to jump with Dewhurst.

“She’s such a positive person to have around when I’m high jumping. She always reminds me that it’s okay whatever I do.”

Next year Dewhurst will be the only returning female high jumper.

“I’m going to be upset when the seniors leave, but I’m ready to carry on the legacy Nashoba high jump has made for me.”

Dewhurst’s goals for the future are to break the outdoor school record, and continue to do track when she gets to college.