Student Council’s Trip to MASC


Caroline Estey, Contributor

On March 9th through the 11th, a group of students representing our Student Council went to the annual MASC event held in Hyannis, Cape Cod. This group included Kristina and Katie Sidopoulos, Ana and Joey Martinez, Casey and Delaney Hallberg, Sadie Feakes, Drew Maniak, Paige Harding, Julia Lane, and Anthony Tata. They traveled down to Hyannis using the mini bus that is also used for both the golf and wrestling teams. MASC, which stands for the Massachusetts Association of Student Councils, is an event held every year where Student Councils from the state of Massachusetts come together to meet in one place.

Not to be confused with each grade’s Class Government, Nashoba’s Student Council is a group of students from all grades who come to together to create events for the school. They are responsible for many of the events that happen during the school year, including being in charge of all the dances that are held at the school, as well as the pep rallies which they help run. The Student Council’s main goals are to help and lead the school by creating a safe, friendly, and fun environment for all students.

Student Council President Kristina Sidopoulos explained why they go to MASC each year, saying “We go so that we can trade ideas and learn from other Student Councils.”

She went on by explaining how the event really helps the Council find new ideas and think of new events that could be put on for our school.

Ana Martinez chimed in by adding, “MASC is like the coolest thing I have ever gone to, because there are so many councils from all over Massachusetts and we all come together and share our trials and errors, but also our successes. We learn from each other and have so much fun….and there’s really good food.”

Kristina also stated, “We listen to keynote speakers and go to workshops lead by other students, and we learn how to better our council and our community.”

All the Student Councils stay at one hotel for the three days they are there, giving them a chance to meet each other and share experiences and ideas. The keynote speakers they hear from are also a large part of the event as each speaker tells a moving tale about their lives, which is always extremely inspiring and captivating.

While they may spend a good amount of time at workshops and listening to speakers, their time isn’t all work. The group also participated in the Polar Plunge, and had a great time with the indoor water slide at the hotel.

Are you reading this and wishing you could be a part of this great opportunity? Well all you have to do is join the Student Council committee and next year this could be you. They are always looking for new members to join, just talk to someone who is already involved and you’ll be part of it in no time!