Eco Soft Tissues: Cardboard For Your Face

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Emma Talpey

Every individual recognizes the symptoms of the common head cold: an endless snot supply and an inability to breath.  It is nearly impossible to ignore such an illness. Yet, the affliction is also quite small. Consequently, the worst part is trying to treat the head cold.

Unfortunately for Nashoba Regional High School students, our school’s tissues have the “soft touch” of a razor blade. Therefore, every pupil knows to bring their own pack of tissues to school when they are sick. Some teachers have earned the “she’s/he’s my favorite teacher” title from students because they bring in regular-people tissues.

Brands like Kleenex and Puffs are soft and gentle: a stark contrast to Nashoba  Eco Soft tissues.

The best way to describe Eco Soft tissues is to state that they are not tissues. They truly cannot be real tissues: Eco Soft feels like cardboard on the skin. The material is quite thin. Consequently, one could most likely fit a whole box-worth of tissues in his or her hand.

So, what is a student to do?

Such brings me back to the idea of purchasing a personal pack of tissues. For instance, do you know that one kid in your math class who always seems to be sick? Well he/she has got it figured out. This individual possesses the luxury to lay back and sniffle away, even through a chapter five test, because he/she is a genius with a handy pack of tissues. Thus, this student is much happier without having to cope with the school’s “scratchy paper” tissues.

In my personal experience, when I am going to school with a cold, or even the coattails of pneumonia, I avoid such irritating tissues like the plague. I bring in little travels packs of soft tissues. My friends all know to come to me if they are in need of tissue salvation.

Eco Soft does have a single positive side: the environment loves it. Eco Soft is made from 100% recycled fibers. Sadly, this positive yields many, many negatives. The worst part of Eco Soft tissues is its online description: “a facial tissue that offers the feel of household tissue.”

“The feel of household tissue”.

“The feel“.

This word alludes to the tissue brand’s most fatal flaw: the material strives to mimic household tissue, not replicate it. Sadly the company has failed in this endeavor; these tissues are not fit for home, much less school.

Personally, I think that these tissues simply add to a prison-like atmosphere at Nashoba.  Individuals have all felt this sensation at one point or another . I mean, when your tissues are clearly of the cheapest bulk-pack kind and physically hurt to use, an individual knows his/her school must really love him/her.

Yes, we all understand that Nashoba needs money for “more important” things: our massive so-called stadium, our portable classroom, and our less-commercialized sports teams. Despite these areas of necessity, the least someone could do is buy Nashoba humanizing tissues.

Cardboard tissues? With the feel of household tissues? I mean really, how rude.