It Came from the Library

It Came from the Library

Brittany Cormier, Editor

I remember back in the day. It was probably a Wednesday. During Freshman year. The Media Center was… quiet. Edvard Grieg’s “Morning Mood” could be heard, the soothing smell of popcorn in the air. Pleasant old women in flowered shirts organizing books.

But now…

Why are you all here.

Did you get lost, because you should.

Why are you all so loud, you’re sitting RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER THERE IS NO NEED TO SPEAK LIKE THIS. You guys don’t even talk about anything interesting, like who cares how to get to Brockton.

At this point why don’t we just pass out glow sticks and neon legwarmers upon entry because apparently there’s a rave going on that I wasn’t informed about.

It gets so loud that all I can do is sit and watch my life slip away between my fingers and spin out of control. All to the tune of soundtrack music from The Omen. I never wanted to die listening to Satan music, but I guess that’s how it’s going to be. C’est la vie.

Hand to god, there isn’t a quiet place in this school left.

I blame foyer study for this. Did you really expect teenagers to walk that far for study? Hell no. Instead, they all sign up for media center study and crowd out the library. You know if you guys hustled a bit, you’d have no problems getting to class.

I recognize that some of the staff can be a bit cranky, but honestly, some of you people are just so rude. Do you really expect people to treat you cordially when you bust up over to them all demanding and snippy? Hell no.

And I know most of you don’t care, because you’re happy and talking to your friends and having a great time, but do you ever think of other people? Science says teenagers are hardwired to be selfish, but that doesn’t mean you all have to be so mean.