The People Behind The Pizza


Niamh Guyer, Contributor

Everyone who goes to Nashoba Regional High School knows of Classic Pizza, the pizza shop right across the street. Almost every student has run across the street after school for some food and drink before heading off to a study session, sports practice, or club. But what is actually happening in the kitchen, behind the cash register, and in the delivery cars?

The manager, Delaney Mehan, has worked at Classic Pizza for 2 years. Her job is to assign hours to the staff that works behind the counter and the drivers. She says that the staff creates a “very friendly atmosphere between [them], and that translates well to the customers. It gives the whole place a really, like, warm and welcoming feel.” She also says that she and the other five behind-the-counter employees all have a great relationship with each other, which she feels just makes everyone else more comfortable.

Mehan mentioned that working during high school is a great way to earn some money before college. She said “It’s a good experience, especially, you know, [so] you’re not a complete fish-out-of-water when you get out of home.”

Sometimes, when entering, the shop is very crowded, and you have to wait in line for several minutes. Other times, there’s not a soul to be seen. Mehan explains it as “It really depends on the day of the week and which days sports are on.” She went on to say that Classic Pizza offers a special deal on Monday, so people tend to come in more when they’re saving money. Mehan also said that the shop is in an ideal location, as the soccer fields are right down the street, the high school is right across, and the middle school is a few miles the other way.

Mehan says that the hiring process is very simple. Whenever there is a help wanted sign, you can just write down your name and phone number, and then wait for a call.

When asked about the best item on the menu, Mehan laughed and replied “I’ve been getting the exact same thing for dinner, for, let’s say, a year and a half. It’s just a grilled chicken wrap. They marinate the chicken here, so it’s good.”

In regards to working behind a cash register as opposed to other jobs, Mehan said “Well, once you learn how to use the register, it’s actually pretty easy.”

Classic Pizza is the main hangout spot for kids from the high school, and it’s easy to see why. The great food, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and friendly faces behind the counter make the pizza shop the perfect place to get together with friends, for whatever reason.