Following Nashoba Field Hockey


Chloe Spedden , Contributor

One of the constant success stories in Nashoba fall sports history is the field hockey team.

They are consistently making playoffs and have come out this season stronger than ever. They look to follow after last year’s undefeated season and have not lost a game yet this year. Many people including students at Nashoba and teams throughout Massachusetts have one question; why is Nashoba Field Hockey so successful?

Heading into playoffs, NFH holds a record of 16-0-2, having ties against Marlborough and Andover. The girls head into playoffs with high hopes, not only to win, but also to redeem their performances in the D1 CMass finals last year and the year previous. Sadly, the girls fell short by one goal in the last minute, both in the 2017-18 season and the 2016-17 season. Coming off yet another undefeated season, the girls are very optimistic. “I feel really good this year,” said junior midfielder, Gigi Fay, “I think we have a really good shot this year and everyone’s really excited and determined to win.” The team has many strong contributors including Fay and senior captain Natalie Brown. Brown recently reached a huge career milestone, scoring 100 career points against Algonquin a few weeks ago.

Nashoba Field Hockey is known as one of the most in shape teams at Nashoba. The team can often be found running or doing some form of conditioning during every practice. Recently, many members have started training with Unified Health and Performance. Unified is a local gym run by former Nashoba student, Brendan Alyward. Brendan opened his gym to athletes both with and without physical and/or mental disabilities.

His training programs for athletes of all abilities have proven to help tremendously in aspects such as speed, endurance and strength. Although not all Nashoba Field Hockey members work out here all year round, most of the athletes throughout grade levels participate in summer training to prepare for tryouts. “It has helped my game tremendously,” said senior captain Chloe Spedden, “I also believe it has helped our team to stay in better shape over the offseason and come into our season more prepared and ready.”  

The girls will start their playoff journey this Friday, November 2nd at 2:30 here at Nashoba. Be sure to come and support the girls and check back next week for a playoff update! Go NFH!