“Life Changes” Album Review


Samantha Catalano, Contributor

The singles blasted through your radio all summer, and when the rest of the album dropped, it was a very exciting day for listeners.

Thomas Rhett’s new album titled, “Life Changes”,  not only produced great songs, but illustrated the seasons of life. It tells the story of Thomas’s personal life and his relationship with his wife, Lauren. He describes his situation of residing in the “friend-zone” for the extent of his childhood, and eventually keeping his promise of marrying her. Their story is transformed into beautiful melodies and an accomplished album.

Here’s a rundown on the smash hits of “Life Changes”.

The track, “Sixteen” , melodically brings the listener through the phases and progression of life. Starting the chorus with, “What I wouldn’t give to be sixteen, wild and free”, Rhett captures the essence of what sixteen meant to him. The song has a taste of nostalgia, and relates to people among all ages.

“Unforgettable” is the song that takes the cake on “Life Changes”. It spins the tale of when Rhett finally emerged out of the friend-zone with the girl he later married. A fan-favorite line of the song reads, “Oh, I told you I was gonna marry you. You probably didn’t think that it was true”. This song gives listeners an “unforgettable” look into their love story.

Lastly, “Life Changes”, the song that produced the title of the album, takes listeners through Rhett’s journey to success, and how his career changed the course of his life entirely. He explains how “you make your plans and you hear god laughing”. This line expresses the relatability that truly makes Rhett such a successful song writer and musician. He writes a tune that can be translated into everyone’s life.

The album is truly something special, and one that will be present for a long time. With the various storylines, striking lines, and amazing melodies, Thomas Rhett does not disappoint. Listeners cannot wait to see whats next.